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The Discgolf Course at the Leisure Centre Retz/Obernalb

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Published Date Written by 8kob

Welcome to the website of our Discgolf Cours at the Leisure Centre in Retz/Obernalb - Austria

This Discgolf Course is located on private property.  It was funded privatly and is a part of the Leisure Centre Retz. It is a permanent 18-Hole Course with metal baskets. Some baskets will be multiple targeted. The tees are marked by pink wooden pegs and partly with pink colored rocks of conrete-plates

The lower part of the area consists of a 9-Hole Course that can be extended to a 18-Hole corse by 9 additonal difficult holes. The footpath that connects the both areas is marked in the Map.

Please note that the use of thes Course happens at one owns risk and the Leisure Centre Retz and its Members cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages. Since this area formaly was used as a stone-pit thera are rock edges and partly unsecured sections. Therefore, please act with due care. The Rocks (Granite) are very slippery when wet!

Since there are other kinds of sports beeing carried out in this area - please be considerate of other persons

The surrounding areo of the Leisure Centre (as seen on the map) is farmland and a strict nature protection area. Therefore please take particular account of the fauna and flora.

Since the establishment and maintenance of the course are associated with considerable costs we would kindly ask you to drop 9€ together with the filled out form into the money slot (next to the toilets and the vending machine).

Discgolf Course - Terms of use:
- Registration is necessary.
- Course Day Fee is 9€ per Player.
- The "area usage form" has to be filled out BEFORE starting the round and has to be thrown into the money slot together with the money
- Take care of other athletes, politeness is implied.



 The course plan can be downoladed in the "Download" area of this website or directly --> here <---




The rules of discgolf are very similar to the ones used with ball golf. The goal of the game is the the same: to hit the target with as little tries as possible starting from a dedicated point. Here the most important groud rules of this sport:

The seven basic rules of Discgolf:
  • Rule 1:
    Respect auf walkers, co-players, plants and all other facilities.
  • Rule 2:
    Every player has to make sure before (!)  throwing that nothing and nobody is crossing the way of the throw. 
  • Rule 3:
    The start is at the tee off. You commence where the shot has landed. Thats how you procceed until the target is hit.
  • Rule 4:
    The player with the least amount of throws at the last hole is the one who starts.
  • Regel 5:
    After teeing off the player who is the farthest away from the target start, even if more throws than the opponents are needed.
  • Rule 6:
    OB (out of bounds; Penaltyzone): A through that lands out of bounds has to be played from outside the OB, namely 1m from where the disc went out of bounds.
  • Rule 7:
    As soon as the disc comes to rest in the basket the hole is completed and the amount of needed throws is noted. In that manner all holes are played in the given order. The one who needet the least throws after finishing all holes - has won.




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